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         What’s New 2016  

Many of you who have been to the store know that we are authorized dealers of Savage Gear Lures. This company, based out of Denmark has come up with some remarkable lures this year and we stock quite a few of them. Perhaps the most interesting of the lot is the new 3D Line Thru Bluegill. This lure is a soft plastic swimbait with a strip of nylon mesh running through the middle to prevent tearing. In addition this lure is based on a 3D scan of a real Bluegill. It’s absolutely lifelike! Other features include a hard plastic head covered by the soft plastic. The head has a Y shaped tube exiting the mouth and top and underside of the head. The leader material runs through the mouth and out the bottom or top where the hook is tied on and placed in the slot at the back of the head. Rigging it through the top makes it almost weedless. When a fish strikes, the fish is hooked, the hook slides out of the back of the head and the body slides up the leader, thereby preventing the lure from getting chewed up and also eliminating the weight of the lure pulling the hook out. The 3D Line Thru Bluegill is available in floating or slow sink models and two colors, Dark Gill and Light Gill. I’m testing these this weekend and I’m positive big Pike will not be able to resist this lure. Check out the video and see if you don’t agree.  Big Pike and Musky fisherman, you have been notified.     Savage Gear Line Through Bluegill


The Frontier Sports Tackle Preview 2016 The LIVE TARGET SUNFISH

     By now many of you have heard of and used LIVE TARGET lures. Known for their life like profiles and finishes as well as their amazing fish catching actions, this company is continually coming out with ground breaking patterns that really catch fish.  The SUNFISH is one of several new lures for 2016 from LIVE TARGET. This lure is a floating soft plastic bait similar to the frog that came out four years ago. The frog won the best new soft bait award at the 2011 I CAST show. This show features  fishing tackle manufacturers from across the globe. The various companies submit their new products to be judged, hopefully to win best of show in their category. The LIVE TARGET SUNFISH won last year’s I CAST best new soft bait for 2015.                

 The durable soft plastic body hosts a super sharp, custom TROKAR double hook, a life like profile and as always a remarkably life like finish. With these lures you can fish in thick weeds and pads as they are weedless and you can also fish them with a walk the dog retrieve, they can even be made to jump over pads and other obstructions. The Sunfish is available in two sizes and twelve color patterns. Frontier Sports at this time stock six of the best colors for this area. This lure is almost certain to be deadly for big Bass as well as early season Pike. We just received our first shipment of these lures and I wouldn’t be surprised if we sell out in a couple of weeks. Even though it’s January and it’s snowing, spring is just around the corner. It’s never too early to start getting ready for opening day.  If you would like to learn more about these ground breaking lures click here >>>>http://www.livetargetlures.com/freshwater/sunfish-hollow-body




Summer is here and fishing is great! Be ready with tackle from Frontier Sports!!!


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