Just over the weekend, we talked about the already retired athletes who continue to receive a lot of profits with just their name and presence; Now, we have those who have the best salary and are still active.

That is, the highest paid athletes on the entire planet.

He returned this list towards the end of the year and we do not know if it is to make us feel bad about our Christmas bonus, or what it is about, but every time there are lists and lists of the richest in the world of sports.

On this occasion, Forbes took the 100 highest paid but here we will introduce you to the top ten. The fact that stands out from this list is the tremendous gain that Floyd Mayweather Jr. , Who became the second athlete to reach 100 million dollars (the first was Tiger Woods).

The second place is nothing more and nothing less than the best footballer of today, Cristiano Ronaldo . The Portuguese accumulates a fortune of 80 million dollars.

And to close the podium comes LeBron James . “The King” can presume that some 72.3 million dollars are taken to the stock market.

Ready to continue reading about many millions of dollars? Here you have the complete top ten.


  1. Matt Ryan – 43.8 million
  2. Rafael Nadal – 44.5 million
  3. Phil Mickelson – 53.2 million
  4. Roger Federer – 56.2 million
  5. Tiger Woods – 61.2 million
  6. Kobe Bryant – 61.5 million
  7. Lionel Messi – 64.7 million
  8. LeBron James – 72.3 million
  9. CR7 – 80 million
  10. Floyd Mayweather Jr. – 105 million