Frontier Sports Field Reports

Field Report 12-11-09 With the muzzle loader season wrapping up, our thoughts have now moved over to the ice fishing season. The temps this week have been great for making ice. The reports we have been hearing the last few days is that most of the area lakes have around 3 to 4 inches of ice. Our thinking is by the weekend we should have plenty of ice to get out and see what the fishing action is like, on most lakes. As always the areas smaller lakes should turn on early and the ice is usually better on them. So-Good luck and we hope to see you soon. Ron Mann – Frontier Sports

Field Report 11/28/09 The 2009 Deer rifle hunting season has closed and the winners of the 2009 Edge of the Wilderness “Big Buck” Contest are posted. Use this link to veiw 2009 Deer Hunting Pictures.

Field Report 11/13/09 Our first batch of hunting pictures from the 2009 Deer Hunting season are posted on the photoboard. Use this link to veiw 2009 Deer Hunting Pictures.

Field Report 10/28/09 The grouse hunting is just getting better with the cover finally coming down. The weather has not been real great for the hunt, but the reports are positive non the less. This last week we heard the best reports, with the Effie and Wirt areas still being better. Fishing has been pretty good with a few hardy anglers saying Winnie, Sand and Jessie are producing some good numbers of walleye. The deer season is coming soon and we are expecting the hunters to do great. The deer in the area are starting to move and the number seem to up. With that said we are expecting good things for this season. By the way don’t forget to get you Big Buck ticket at one of the local businesses before the season starts. Good luck and we hope to see ypu soon. Ron Mann – Frontier Sports, Marcell, MN

Field Report 10-15-09 There’s a chill in the air, the Ducks are flying and guess what? The 2009 Minnesota Deer Hunting Opener is November 7, 2009. The 2nd annual Edge of the Wilderness Big Buck Contest tickets are available now! Click here to reserve your Big Buck Contest Tickets now.

Field Report 9-22-09 What a great run of weather we’ve had the last couple of weeks. This last weekend was just beautiful. With the warm weather the opener of grouse was a bit tough, but the reports were pretty darn positve. Many hunters said the flushes were plentiful on Saturday evening, but with all the cover it was still pretty hard to get many shots. The hunters are telling us the Wirt and Effie areas seemed a little better than average. The fall bite is just starting to pick up, the walleyes on Jessie, Sand, Bowstring and Winnie have been popping well. Bass fishing is still going strong on many of the area lakes. Panfishing has slowed a bit but is still doing well on the smaller lakes. Good luck and we hope to see you soon-Ron Mann, Frontier Sports Inc.

Field Report 8-31-09 What a short summer we had. The temps. have fallen off again, with talk of frost for tonight and Sunday night-OUCH!! But the positive is the bite has not slowed down a bit, in fact I think it has got better. The walleyes this last week have really been going strong, Sand, Jessie and Bowstring have the hottest action in the area. Minnows or leeches seem to be the bait of choice. Bass are still hitting hard on many of the area lakes. with spinner baits and plastics doing the best. Crappies and gills are still doing great as well, Maple Lake, Jack the horse and Bello Lake are some of the choices for the crappies. Good luck and we hope to see you soon. Ron Mann , Frontier Sports

Field Report 8-17-09 Summer at last!! With the temps. in the upper 80s it actually felt like a summer week. With the warm temps. came the muskie and pike action, and it has been very good to say the least. North Star, Spider and Moose have been the hot spots for the muskies and the Bigfork River has had some good reports as well. The bass fishing is still about as hot as it can be with reports of some larger fish still being caught. Panfish are still hitting off the deeper weed edges,with many of the smaller lakes doing better than the bigger water. Walleye action- well what can I say, its mid August and hot and with that the bite usually slows. But we are still hearing of fish being caught on Winnie, and a few reports coming off of Bowstring. Good luck and we hope to see you soon. Ron Mann, Frontier Sports

Field Report 8-1-09 Walleye fishing over the last couple weeks has been fair. The best action seems to be on Winnie, fishing the the center bars. Bass action how ever is about as good as it gets. The bigger Bass seem to be holding of the deeper weed edges on many of our area lakes. Bello, Maple, Spider and North Star are a few that are doing well for the Large Mouth. Turtle, as always, is still producing some nice Smallies. Panfish are doing just fine as well with many angler saying the gills are holding in somewhat deeper water. Good luck and we hope to see you soon. – Ron Mann, Frontier Sports

Field Report 7-9-09What great weather for the Holiday weekend, we could not have asked for better. Walleye fishing has slowed down a bit, but reports from Winnie and Bowstring are still good. The bass and pike action is still going strong with reports of many nice fish being caught. Crappies are still doing very well, with the bite starting to pick up in the evenings off the weed edges. Good luck and we hope to see you soon. Ron Mann, Frontier Sports

Field Report 6-28-09 I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but the crappie bite is still very hot. Many angles are saying the bite is better in the morning or evening, on the weed edges. Walleyes are starting to spead out some, with reports of fish on the mid-lake humps. The crawler and leech bite is starting to turn on pretty well. Bowstring, Sand, Winnie and Round are the lakes that seemed to be doing the best. Bass action is just getting better as the water temps. get warmer and warmer. Good luck and we hope to see you soon. – Ron Mann, Frontier Sports Marcell, MN

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